Saturday, July 26, 2014

#53 pen and ink with orange!

#53 of 200...Some night I sit there a doodle while watching TV and here is a little doodle.  Actually I bought these little 4x4 watercolor tiles by Strathmore.  I think they are really cool to play with.  Thought it would be a great way to do a doodle everyday.

The had part about the 4x4 size is finding a picture frame to put them in.  I found this frame at Micheals in the clearance bin, so I bought the last two that they had in Reno.  But I really like how this looks on my accent wall in the kitchen, plus testing out a color change for the kitchen too.
I want to keep the orange wall but I want to paint the blue walls light grey and the cabinets a darker grey.  So this little painting is a color study.

 Here are my kitchen inspirations
A symphony of soft gray tones in Susan Greenleaf's kitchen.grey/orange kitchen

I like the Grey cabinets but I have the brown/beige granite counter tops and a orange wall in the sitting area.

So what do you think of the color study?


Friday, July 25, 2014

#52 - Watercolor Purple Petunia

#52 of 200...I thought I would share a petunia that I drew.  A little abstract, but I like the composition.  But wow!  I really like saturated colors.  Some people like the translucent colors of watercolor, but today I used some new paint that was from the instructor from the last class I took.

I placed the painting in this frame but the opening is 4.75" rather than 5".  I am not sure i like how much it cut off.  maybe this means a quick trip to Micheal's tonight.

I have to say I used a pen to draw this, but since I used such a saturated color you can not see much of my pen lines.  I may have to try this again and in orange!

Happy Friday! ~ Judy

Thursday, July 24, 2014

#51 - Dragonfly

#51 of 200...I am starting to feel creative again.  I think sometime you just need a break and some very encouraging friends.

Today I am sharing a pen and ink drawing of a dragonfly.  The push for me was trying to do a waterylook watercolor...kinda messy or should I say free flowing.  It was hard for me to let the paint go outside of the lines and give it an extra spray of water to encourage it to feather.

I look really good on my dresser since my master bedroom is grey and teal.

Here is a pict without any filters.

Have a artful evening! ~ Judy

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

De-stashing my art supplies

I have taken a few days off from creating art and decided it was time to let go of art and craft supplies.  This week I am purging stamps sets and fabric.  The new items will be listed on my Etsy shop, under Craftroom De-stash SALE!

The de-stashing is for lots of reasons: I have too much stuff and I feel like my life is being over-run by STUFF, I have a desire to help the family out financially, I would like to have walking room in my guest and office and maybe a possible move.  All these are weighing really heavy on me the last couple of days that has made creating difficult.

I will try to post a few times this week.  If you see anything on this blog that you would like to purchase please contact me.


Friday, July 18, 2014

#50 - Felted waterscape

#50 of 200...I am sharing a piece that I did for my art debut.  It is a felted seascape made with merino wool.  It is a made up location on my head, so no sunny beach that I have been too inspired this one.  But I am sure some of you do have that beach in your head.  Something about water has a calming effect on people...I need some calm in my life right now.

This piece is for sale, framed or unframed, however I don't have it listed on my Etsy shop but you are more than welcome to email me about it at 

Have a peaceful week-end.

~ Judy

Thursday, July 17, 2014

#49 - stencils and watercolor

#49 of 200...keeping it short and simple tonight.  I keep asking myself if I could use stencils with watercolors and I have found out the answer.  Yes you can if you are painting on Yupo papers but not of traditional watercolor paper.  This is because the paint stays on top of the Yupo paper rather than soaking in on watercolor paper.  The only trick is to leave the stencil on while paint dries or just about dried.

This painting was a much larger painting that I cut down.  It was supposed to be an abstract poppy but it didn't work out as planned so I cut it to fit the mat.  Oh well, off to try another.

Night ~ Judy

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

#48 - My wild purple iris

#48 of 200...I went to a painting class last night and our project is to draw a freeform iris.  I have to admit drawing a flower kind be challenging without seeing a real one so I had to google one when I got home!  haha...looks like mine is missing a little bit.

Anyways the technique was super easy and fun to do.  I wonder if it would work on Yupo?

Here is what it looks like framed.

I think next time I would make the petals a little fatter, but everyday is a learning experiment.

Have a good night ~ Judy

#46 & 47...just plugging along

#46 & 47 of 200...This week I'm trying to catch up for the missing days and complete those unfinished projects sitting on my desk I have to admit the heat here in Reno is getting to me, which is effecting creativity.  Some days I just want to sleep and other days I'm stir crazy from being inside in the air conditioning.  I so miss my morning walks

I hope you don't mind if this week is all watercolor or mixed media canvas projects.  Felting requires alot of physical activity and that doesn't sound fun right now.

Both of these cards were done on Yupo paper, watercolor paints and Higgins Black Magic waterproof ink.  This ink reacts nicely with the watercolors.

Both of these cards are on my Etsy shop, see like on sidebar!  What a great little gift to send to someone, a handmade original water colored card that they can frame.

Have a happy Tuesday! ~ Judy


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