Wednesday, October 22, 2014

FREE Shipping Worldwide

Ok, that feels really great to be able to offer FREE shipping worldwide.  But it is true.  My Society 6 shop has an offer today for free shipping.  For the past week or so I have been adding items onto my new website at Society 6.  It is so exciting to see my artwork on mugs,

and on pillows,

and even as clocks

I know it is silly to get excited over free shipping, but really I'm excited when I see how the artwork looks on different items other than framed artwork.  What is really nice I can keep some of the artwork for me, but share them with you with prints, pillows, cel case, clocks, shower curtains and duvet covers!

Have a happy Wednesday and go checkout my new shop. - Judy

Saturday, October 11, 2014

#66 - #69...Catching up a few of the paintings

Boy!  This week I have been busy trying to update my shops, blog and Facebook.  I'm changed the name of my shop to my name.  Mainly because most people don't understand the ScrampAlot.  It was the name of my stamping team when I was a Close to my Heart consultant, which means my website and everything is in ScrampAlot.  So in the next few weeks everything will be changed over.

Today's catch up painting is a 4 part series.  I scanned them to place on my Society 6 shop and Nuvango shop.  They look great.  The originals are 4"x4".  I'm not sure what I am going to do with them....mat them to fit a standard frame or mount them onto mini canvases.

In the meantime, I am going to show you scans and then you can go the the Society 6 and Nuvango shops to see how they look framed.  Just a note - Nuvango prints are framed, they don't offer unframed yet.

Encircled in Lavender #1

 Encircle in Lavender #1 Art Print

 Encircled in Lavender #2

Encircle in Lavender #2 Art Print

 Encircled in Lavender #3

Encircle in Lavender #3 Art Print

Encircled in Lavender #4

 Encircle in Lavender #4 Art Print

 What I find REALLY cool about Nuvango is the Tech gadget cases and skins.  They make cases for every type of phone, tablet and game system.

Look at this for my tablet....

Well that is it for my coolness.  Need to finish some more paintings that can be my new business cards.

Happy Saturday! - Judy

Monday, October 6, 2014

Photoshop...ugh! Monday update...

Yes, Photoshop!  I took a great class at University of Alaska on Photoshop and then decided it was too much work for most of the photography I do (Etsy, Blog, family photos), but things are changing around here.

Big changes for me.  In the next couple of weeks you are going to see changes in the blog format and additional website links, along with better quality photos (I hope).  I have decided to take the jump into making my artwork available on Society 6, which will have home decor items, along with art prints AND Nuvango, which has a LARGE assortment for phone case, skins and more.

But back to my blog post for today, look at this pile of paintings!

Yes, they need to be scanned, uploaded, edited and then on to these wonderful websites.  To answer the question if I am still painting the 200 paintings....yes.   I think there are 10 finished pieces sitting there in the desk.

And when I get tired of the computer work, I am working on a commission.  Here is a sneak peek of what I am working on.  This is 1 of the 3 piece set.

This is just a corner of the work, didn't want to show too much yet.

Have a wonderful busy Monday! - Judy

Monday, September 29, 2014

#64 & 65 - I stepped outside of my comfort zone

This past week-end I stepped outside of my comfort zone in many ways.  We will start with my comfort of being in social settings.  I am not anti-social, I just don't enjoy being around crowds.  mainly because I miss most of the conversation and people really do get annoyed when I ask them many times to repeat hat they said.  Most times I just smile and nod.  So back to this week-end...I attended a bbq for a friend's vow renewal and I attended a house concert.

Both were fun (uncomfortable), love my comfort zone of home.  I hope this doesn't sound like I never go out and do anything.  I just prefer one on one.  So how does this relate to my art????

I am going to share painting #64 & 65.  I will admit that these painting were sort of out of my comfort zone too.  Watercolor on Yupo paper is comfortable, sharing what I do is no so comfortable and when you are asked to paint something for someone's CD cover - really uncomfortable!


This is a painting is available as an original and/or print.  I painted it while I was listening to Ben Allfree's music.  It was I wonder if I can do this kinda of thing.  I had so much fun that I had to try it again with my signature color - orange!


Yes, #2 was chosen for the CD cover for Ben's first CD.  It is kinda cool to see this and for me to take a chance.  he had all the confidence in me and I have to thank him for that.

He has the original painting, but we have agreed to have the print available for a little while for his listeners (groupies) to purchase.  So if you would like to see the print or purchase you can go to HERE.

Overall I am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone.  The house concert was great and I would highly suggest you book Ben for a concert.  His info is here.

May the rest of your Monday be great! - Judy

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

#63 - I need your help/opinion...(Warning lots of photos!)

Happy Wednesday!  I am here with the #63 of 200 painting and I am not sure what to do with it.  So I am asking your opinion.  I took a watercolor collage class this past week-end and I am sharing one of those collages with you today.

But I'm not sure if the painting is done, missing something or just needs to be broken down into smaller works.  The teacher was trying to push me into doing larger pieces, but my comfort zone is minis, as you see on my Etsy shop.  So here goes....WARNING lots of photos.

I thought I would show you the piece if framed as is first (above) and below is how it looks on my kitchen floor.  It is curling a bit but that can be fixed with a little water.

First off, I pushed myself to work with big AND colors I don't normally gravitate to.

So here is where you come into this, I am going to show a bunch of photos to see what it would look like if I cut the large piece into smaller pieces.  Be prepared to be overwhelmed.

It could be cut in half and make these two 11x14's.

Or a 11x14 and an 8x10.

Or go wild and make some 5x5 squares, 4x6 rectangles and whatever little minis?

However this blue square does talk to me because you can see the cheesecloth really well. I did say it was a watercolor collage, and to me collage means anything can be added, like fibers!

I hope to hear some response on what you think.  After writing this post, I think I am leaning towards cutting it up.  And what do you think of this color?


Thursday, September 18, 2014

#62 - An Orange Abstract, should it be called a tulip?

I have been painting quite a bit lately, just haven't shared yet.  Plus there is some big news coming too.  In the meantime I really need to start photo more of my stuff.

Here is #62 of 200.  Do you think I will make it to 200?  Well not the way it was intended in 200 days, but I'm sure I'll make it to 100 and we will see.  This painting was done with pouring watercolor paints on Yupo paper.  Talk about releasing control!  It was invigorating, freeing and uplifting.  I will need to make a video of how this is done.

Anyways I am sharing the photo horizontal so I can look at it that way and here it is vertical.

I was drawn to the the vertical but this morning the horizontal is interesting too.  Love that it being an abstract it can go anyways it feels.

Sometime with an abstract you really need to see it with a mat around it to get the feeling of the piece.  Plus it is easier for your eyes too.  I can't wait to frame this one.

You do know I LOVE orange, right?  And does it look like a tulip?  It didn't when I was painting, nor when it was drying but seeing it in a photo I see what people were saying.  But as an abstract it can be anything you want it to be.

Have a wonderful Thursday, hope to share lots more tomorrow.


Monday, September 15, 2014

#60 &61 - I'm sorta feeling like a REAL artist

I have been painting.  I just haven't been blogging or sharing it yet.  The art that I have been been doing is abstract and some people just don't get it or like it.  So take a deep breath.....whew!

Here is paintings number 60 and 61.  They are watercolor on Yupo paper.

This is how the paintings look raw and makes you say ok, but add some mat to them and it helps your eyes a bit.

That helps!  Abstract, there are rules to them.  You need to look for flow, texture, lines and a few other elements.  All I know the art teacher that I took the class with she was very happy with these and told me not to touch them.  That made me happy.

But the big test is how they look in a frame on the wall.

Now that make me feel like an artist, seeing your finished work on the wall and it being impressive.  Love how it looks in my master bedroom.  It makes the rest of the artwork look a little drab.  So you may see a few more teal and grey pieces in upcoming posts.

Have a happy Monday and embrace that inner artist waiting to get out!


Thursday, September 4, 2014

#57, 58, 59 - catch up post

Thought I would do a catch up post on the daily art pieces.  So today is 57, 58, 59!  I'm getting there slowly.  Each day is one step closer. Just think tomorrow will be number 60.

I chose to share 3 little miniature paintings that I have added to my Etsy shop (side link).  With the busy week-end and hubby home I didn't get much done in my art journal.  I know I was a slacker.
Actually I went to the Rib Cook Off here in Reno and took a watercolor class.  I could share what we did in class but it is unfinished.  Not super exciting unless you want to see the process.

I have been practicing my drawing of dragonflies.

Love doing these miniature painting!  I would love to hear what themes you would like to see in them.  I have thought about birds, food, flowers, but would also like to do some mixed media and fiber stuff on them too.

What would you like to see?



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